Escola Tecnos welcomes pupils from P3 (3 year old preschool) to Batxillerat (Baccalaureate) with two classes per year group. Almost 500 families have entrusted us their children’s education; around 840 students.

In 1983, the school became a Cooperative Society under the name Agrupació Pedagògica Tecnos, SCCRL. The school is currently owned by the teachers and the administrative and service staff.

Cooperativism has been a characteristic trait of our school; we have been able to rely on a stable and strong teaching staff and, as a result, our team has always been truly involved in the school project.

We are members of the Federació de Cooperatives d’Ensenyament de Catalunya and, as such, we also take part in the Agrupació Escolar Catalana, which is made up of different schools with a common feature: the defence of the Catalan language and culture.

We are chosen by many families since we are proud of the excellent results that our students achieve at school, as well as, later in their future careers. 92% of last year students from sixth grade passed the basic competence examinations, and, about 51% of the students achieved high rates. We can also proudly say that 100% of the students who took the exam last year passed the Selectivitat.

There is a reliable correlation between the final Batxillerat’s mark and the result they achieve in PAU exams. Many of our students have excelled the average grades rate in Catalonia. Their final marks proof and guarantee the quality of our teaching education.

Our pedagogical work has always been acknowledged by the community and other educational institutions. Our students are often honoured with numerous academic awards since they constantly participate in literary or mathematic contests, research projects, Higher Secondary Education Special Prizes. The well-known Baldiri Reixach’s award has been given in several occasions to our school, to our students’ research projects and for our pedagogical projects.