We got up really early today, as the coach picked us up at 6:30. On the way we drove through the original “silk route” where we could see some lodges which were used for the travellers. They are called karavanserai.
We arrived at the Cappadocia at midday, we stopped for some pictures of the valley and went to have lunch in a cave restaurant. We had typical food: lentil soup, beans, stew cooked in a special Turkish pot and for dessert the typical “baklaba” a sweet pastry. After lunch we headed for the Gorëme open air museum, we could walk around for some time and go into the caves. Some of the caves had been used as monks’ dwellings, others as common rooms as the refractory and then they had the churches.
Later on we went to see the “fairy chimenys”, we had some time to walk around and take some pictures. The last activity was to visit a pottery workshop, we learned how pottery is made, and could walk around the shop and buy some home made pottery.
We came back to the coach and drove for four hours until we reached Ankara.
It was a long day but we had a really good time.