In the morning, we went to the small gym of the school, and the Polish students showed us some videos from their trips to Catalonia and Italy. Then, a girl sang the European Anthem and students from there gave to Maltese, Italian and Catalan people some presents. After that, we took a tour around the school and we saw that it is a very complex school because there is a swimming pool, a nurse, a dentist…

We had breakfast at the school and then we went to the Gingerbread Museum. There, some adults explained to us the ingredients and how to make this type of cookies. Also, we could buy some souvenirs in the shop of the museum. Then, we made gingerbread cookies and we took them home.

When this activity ended,  we did a tour to the centre of the city with a guide. We saw churches, the Copernicus house,ruins… We finished at 15:30 and after that, we had free time with our partners until next day.

 Laia Carrasquer   &   Clàudia Vilaró