Today we have visited Lincoln. It’s a lovely city with many places to see; like the Castle, the Cathedral, the Medival Bisho’s Palace, Steep Hill, Jews House and the Stonebow.

Lincoln Castle: for over 900 years it has been used as a prision and court.

Lincoln Cathedral: it was known as the tallest building in the world for 238 years. The Cathedral has been used in the Da Vinci Code, they used the inside.

Medieval Bioshop’s Palace: it used to be one of the most important buildings in the country and one of the grandest residential homes. Now is mostly in ruins because of the Second World War.

Steep Hill: it is popular because it has lots of little independent shops and cafes all along it.

Jews House: it was seized from a Jewish home owner when al of the Jewish were sent out of England in 1290. Nowadays is a restaurant.

Stonebow: is a town gate with Guildhall above it. The figures we can see are the Archangel Gabriel on the left and the Virgin Mary on the right. In the centre is the royal coat of arms of King James I.

After all the sightseeing we have gone to High Street to have lunch and at 3, we have meet the teachers and we have gone back to school again, and then back to our host families.

Carlos & Pau