Today It was our Olympic day. We went to Pescara’s stadium to start the miniolympics. The teams changed into their outfits and after some preparations and warm-up, competitions started.
There was an opening ceremory of the games with the Italian mascot, and then competitions started: 100 sprint, 1000 Long distance, a surprise dance and 4×100 relay.
All teachers were very proud of their student-athletes as they competed following the idea of Piere de Coubertin. All teams did a great job even though not everybody could win we breathed a feeling of friendship among all participants.

In the afternoon we had a picnic at the beach. It was lovely and sunny. Some students puddled in the fresh Adriatic sea. We took a walk along the sea front and the bridge of the sea “Ponte del Mare”. Then at 5 we were taken back to our villages happy to have been truly Olympians.