Our first day of the official Erasmus program was on Monday 4th of April, we had to met everyone at school really early and then the head of the school welcomed everyone even there were some students that arrived late and really sleepy so they missed the nice welcome. Then we discovered that a tour bus was rented for us and we went for a sightseeing tour to the south of Malta. First we saw the Senglea Victories church, then we went to see the Marsaxlokk fishing village and market,  it was really beautiful and the atmosphere was really peaceful with the boats and the sea in front of us, the sun helped and we felt like we could sleep in the bench and take a little nap. 

We had lunch at a shopping center and then we picked up a Harbour cruise from Silema Ferries and see a little sightseeing even it was really sunny, the wind was really cold so we went down stairs because we didn’t want to get sick. Finally the first day finished and everyone went to their home.

Sara Molha