Today it is our last morning in Lincoln. We got up, finished packing and had some breakfast. At 9:00 our host families took us to the teacher’s hotel, there a coach was waiting for us to take us to the airport. It was our last time together, so we were kind of sad to leave. We have had a great time, not only with the SRPA students but also with their families, they have been really welcoming and we will really miss all of them.
Once at the airport we have had some time to walk around, do some last minute shopping and have something to eat before boarding the plane. Finally at 6.20 p.m, our plane has landed and we have just started organising ourselves to come back to Lincoln again to meet our beloved friends. Our parents were waiting for us at the airport happy to see us again and we have gone home feeling “Lincoln homesick”.

Josep, Júlia and Pilar