Duration of the Project  2010-2012


Zespół Szkół nr 24   Gimnazjum nr 24 ,  Torun  (POLAND)

Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium, Marbach (GERMANY)

Agrupació Pedagògica Tecnos, SCCRL  Terrassa   (CATALONIA)



“Young artists beyond the Borders” project is to motivate students to take an active participation in school work. During the first year of studying, pupils after knowing the artistic creativity of a painter from their mother country, have to choose one painting of the chosen artist. Then, each school describes in detail  the chosen painting in a foreign language.

The English description of the painting is sent to the partnership schools (there is no author or the title attached to the painting). The students from the partner schools draw or paint art works according to the descriptions received from schools taking part in the project.

Later on, when the paintings are ready, the schools exchange information about the author, the title and the copy of the original painting that was described earlier. The students have a possibility to compare the copy of the original painting with their own drawings. Each partner school organizes an exhibition of students’ artworks. The schools display their artwork on the Internet (Moodle).

During the second year, the students from each school prepare their favourite form of a written literary form (a poem, a story, a song etc) connected with the foreign painting, they worked on during the first year. Later, the students create various publishing forms on the basis of foreign or their own paintings. The students create a mini book or other products. The schools exchange them. At the end of the second year, the students prepare dossier and a performance presenting their own texts using drama technique.

Owing to the fact of realising this project and acquiring international relations, our students will have the opportunity to get to know about other countries and their culture. They will also improve their language skills, overcome mental barriers and obtain practical language skills such as planning, decision-taking and responsible task-performing. Through these activities, the youth will broaden their horizons, and understand the notion of multi-culturalism. This will in turn have an impact on shaping their notion of tolerance and self-esteem. Additionally, the teachers will have the opportunity to work using different methods.

Finally, cooperating with various European schools, the teachers will be provided with constant development and progress, which will develop their skills and gain experience.