Identity Roads

Duration of the Project  2014-2016


San Gorg Peca College, Blata I-Bajda Secondary School  Harum  (MALTA)

Stituto Comprensivo “Frosinone 1” –  Frosinone  (ITALY)

Zespół Szkół nr 24   Gimnazjum nr 24 ,  Torun  (POLAND)

Agrupació Pedagògica Tecnos, SCCRL    Terrassa (CATALONIA)


1 Presenting the project.

Teachers and students will prepare the neccessary resources: images, videos and literature to publish Erasmus + partnership project ‘Identity Roads’ on the social media.  In this way, the project will be easily accessible to everyone personally on their IT equipment or at schools or local councils. This social medium offers instant translations of texts and thus will overcome communicative frontiers presented by different languages used.  The frequently updated page will invite visitors to discover and experience this project which has as it’s goal: the principles and values of collaboration and teamwork, the establishment of good work practices, and the importance of life-long learning.

2 Creation and installation of school road name plaques by the students. 

These plaques will commemorate public holidays and celebrations in the national calendars of the countries of the participating schools.  Some dates unite nations together, whilst other dates give nations their unique identity.  We may be different but we must learn about each other if we want to understand each other, and in understanding different cultures, we learn to appreciate them.   School is where we learn about these important dates and the events associated with them. The school ‘avenues’ will be named after the public holidays and celebrations in the countries of the participating schools.  The street name plaques will be designed by the students as part of the school’s mission to encourage creativity.  In the case of our school (in Catalan) the street names will be in Catalan, in English, in Maltese, in Polish and in Italian: the languages of the countries of the participating schools.

3  Dissemination activities including press conferences and exhibitions of material produced and received at schools and strategic venues.  

4 Project meetings.

Preparatory meetings will be held together between participating organisations.  Teachers responsible for the students who are participating in the project will meet to discuss roles, duties and responsibilities during the first year of the project.

5 Transnational student learning/training experiences will present the students with the opportunity to improve common methodologies and adopt new good work practices.


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