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Today it is our last morning in Lincoln. We got up, finished packing and had some breakfast. At 9:00 our host families took us to the teacher’s hotel, there a coach was waiting for us to take us to the airport. It was our last time together, so we were kind of sad to leave. […]

A day in London

Today it is the last day. We have started the day at 6 o’clock, we have gone to school at this time to catch the bus to go to London. We have been in the bus for 3 hours. When we have arrived, first we have gone to Buckingham Palace and we have had about […]

Sightseeing in Lincoln

Today we have visited Lincoln. It’s a lovely city with many places to see; like the Castle, the Cathedral, the Medival Bisho’s Palace, Steep Hill, Jews House and the Stonebow. Lincoln Castle: for over 900 years it has been used as a prision and court. Lincoln Cathedral: it was known as the tallest building in […]

Mini-Olympics: team sports

We started the day at 9 o’clock in the morning. In the morning we did a kind of mini olympics and we played diferent games. We were taught how to play rugby. Later we were divided into five groups of mixed nationalities. These ones were divided in two for the first game. Half of the […]

A day in York

Thursday 14th October Today we went on a trip to York. We have met at school at 9 o’clock but we have left school half an hour later. We have had a long journey because we’ve arrived at 11 o’clock and we have visited the Railway Museum in which we have been one hour walking […]

Our first day at SRPA

Monday, 13th October Today we arrived at school at nine o’clock. Our partners have introduced us to their friends. Then we have gone to the school gym and a teacher from Energize has taught us some sports. We have played hockey, nerfball and football. After that we have gone to the school canteen. In the […]

Arrival at Lincoln

Today it has been the first day. We started traveling to London at 12:30 (Catalan time) ,with an hour of delay. We arrived at London at 13:15 ( English time) and then we went by bus to Lincoln. It was a fun trip with a lot of music. When we arrived to Lincoln, our English […]