As it was a day with families we did different activities depending on who you were staying with.

On Saturday morning we meet all the guys to play a football match. We played for 2 hours and after we went to celebrate Potato Day. We were in a place with a lot of people. We ate a soup called the soup of the soldiers, because it’s very easy to cook and it is so good and energetic. We ate a sausage cooked in a fire camp by ourselves too. After this we went home  and stayed in all the evening playing with friends in the computer. I enjoyed this day a lot.

Alex Marín

Saturday was an amazing day. In the morning, a few of students with their partners went to the school and watched a football match between Polish and Catalan students. After that we went by car to Brzoza, a beautiful place in the forest with a lake and animals. In this place we could do a lot of activities, for example playing with animals, ride bikes, row with canoes or jump in trampolines. We also had lunch there, so we prepared a barbecue with sausages. It was a beautiful moment because we were all the students talking sited around the fire. The food was delicious. We were in this place until eight pm because it was getting cold and dark and we went home with our families. It was a nice day.

Paula Gangoso