The Italian’s, Polish, Maltese and Catalan students and teachers left Frosinone at 8:00am, after about an hour and a half by coach, we arrived at Rome, we parked near the Coliseum, where we started our walking tour.
We saw the Coliseum in a certain distance, outside, it was so incredible! Near the Coliseum , there was the church San Pietro, this church is so special because inside it we can see the grave of Julius the 2nd II, and the famous Moisés by Michelangelo. After a few minutes inside the church, we walked a little till we arrived at the Roman Forum, a very old city in Rome, that nowadays there are only ruins of that old Roman city.

Near the Roman Forum we saw the Piazza Venezia, which we saw from outside, as it was
closed. We walked a little into the center of the capital, and the next stop was the Pantheon of Agrippa, which was particular of the hole in the roof of the cupola. We also saw the Piazza Navona, with an incredible fountain. We also saw Saint Angelo Castle before lunch.

It was time to have lunch, so we sat in a park, and we had lunch there, it was a great time! We didn’t have much time, as we went to the Vatican Museum. We arrived to the Vatican, and we went directly to the Vatican Museum, it was so great and we had a long but interesting explanation of the Museum by a guide, all full of incredible sculptures and paintings, till we arrived to the famous Sistine Chapel, lot of people were watching the amazing paintings of Jesus Christ and God.

Two hours in the Vatican Museum, next to it we saw the known Plaza del Vaticano, it was so
incredible to see it real, and not in photos. The teachers let us a little bit of time to buy some souvenirs, and then we met all at the bus.

We arrived in Frosinone at half past eight.

Estel, Clàudia i Alejandra