Today when we got to school the students were ready for the sports activities. They have played an orientation game and some other sports . While they were performing these activities, the teachers joined in the workshop, where we settled the coming activities to be done for the project.

After this, we have met the students at the school’s conference room and they have been awarded the medals of the games. Later on, we sung our National Anthems as the closing ceremony of the Olympics was taking place. The Olympic torch has been blown up, therefore the Olympic flame has been put out as an ending of our meetings but as a symbol of our long lasting friendship.
After the morning activities, we have gone to a shopping center to have lunch and back home to get ready for the farewell party.
At 7 o’clock we arrived at the venue where the farewell party was organized. We met the students and we started having dinner. We had very tasty Turkish food: salads, soup, grilled meat with vegetables and fruit. While we were having dinner we could enjoy some life Turkish music and we danced some songs, we even learned a bit of Turkish folk dancing. Later on we were awarded the certificates and exchanged some presents, after some farewell speeches and some more dancing the party came to an end.
It was the fourth and last Comenius meeting but we left with a Turkish saying, every ending is a new beginning.