This was our 4rth day in Malta. All the exchange students met at school at 8:45h. We waited until all the teachers and students arrived and then we started a school tour. The maltese teachers were our guides and they were the responsible for showing us the whole school. We saw all the buildings and most of the classes of each one. The students of the school were doing class so we entered very quietly to the classes and we could see how they were. One thing that caught our attention was that they had a classroom for each subject, and also that they had specific classes where they learn how to cook, iron… We observed that the students of this school had many artistic talent because the classes had really awesome works done by them. We could also see the gardens of the school and we were really surprised because there were a lot of cats!

After the school tour we took the bus and we went to Ta’ Qali. There we made a tour around the ceramics workshop and we saw a video about the history of it. When the video finished, the teachers and the students made a work which consisted in doing a drawing of whatever we wanted on a square ceramic.

When we finished the ceramics workshop visit, we took the bus and we went to Rabat. When we arrived we had lunch in a park and then we made the teams for the treasure hunt. This was a game prepared by the Maltese teachers and the teams were formed by students and a teacher of every country. Every team had a paper with some clues of different places of Mdina (where the treasure hunt took place) and they had to guess the places, find them and take pictures. The team which achieved it in less time was the winner. This activity took 2 hours more or less and when we finished it the teachers decided who was the winner and they handed out the prizes. Finally, after this long day, we took the bus and we returned to the school where students were picked up by host families.

Maria Artés