We have spent our last day together in Barcelona. We have walked along the Gothic quarter, the Ribera, the “Born” and Les Rambles. We have started our student-teachers guided tour in Canaletes, then we have walked down Portaferrisa til we found the Cathedral. We have been inside for some minutes and strolled around the cloister. Then we have walked down Pietat street until we have reached plaça del Rei, from there to St. Jaume square, where we have seen the Town Hall and the “Palau de la Generalitat”, after that we have walked down Argenteria Street until we have arrived at Santa Maria del Mar. We have reached the Ribera neighbourhood and we have seen the archaeological site known as the Ciutat del Born. Below the cast-iron structure of the iconic 19th century marketplace lies the Barcelona of 1700, the prosperous city that suffered the siege of 1714 and that put up an epic and heroic resistance before Catalonia’s national liberties were eventually lost, yet to be restored three centuries later. After visiting el Born we have let our students some time for souvenir shooping and for lunch. After lunch we have gathered again at Canaletes and caught the train back to Terrassa.