Today it is the last day. We have started the day at 6 o’clock, we have gone to school at this time to catch the bus to go to London. We have been in the bus for 3 hours. When we have arrived, first we have gone to Buckingham Palace and we have had about 20 minutes to take photos. Then we have gone to visit some of the most important places in London, the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. We have had 20 more minutes to take photos. After all this, we have caught the bus again to go to have lunch and visit the Olympic Park. We had about 1 hour to have lunch and go shopping in the shopping mall, after that we have visited the Olympic Park from 4’15 to 6, and now we’re at the bus, enjoying our last day with the English people, we’re gonna miss them loads.

Laia Bertran & Irene Colás