On Monday morning, firstly we went to school and we had to attend two classes with our partners, we attended different lessons depending on our partner’s. Then every Polish, Maltese, Italian and Catalan group of students prepared the exhibition and presented their workshop explaining an important event of each country or school. We explained St. Jordi and we performed a theatre play with puppets, we also danced a “sardana”. There were some stalls where you could walk around and get more information after the talks of each country had finished.
In the afternoon we went to visit an exhibition of paintings and small sculptures made ​​by students from the Academy of Arts.
In the evening a lot of students had dinner together in an Italian restaurant, organized by the Italians who participated in the Erasmus + project, because it was the last night in Italy.
In our opinion , this was an amazing night and a little sad at the same time because nobody wanted to come back to Catalonia, and we would have liked to stay more days there.

Laia Badal i Raquel García