Last 12th of April was a free day and host families could do whatever they wanted with their hosts.

In the morning a big number of Catalans went to Rome for shopping in the most famous streets to buy and visited monuments that they couldn’t see with school , for example Piazza di Spagna, the  Piazza del Popolo and the Villa Borghese.

Another group of people went to the beach and had  lunch near the sea. They could get wet feet.

In the afternoon, some people went to a Shopping centre, then bought some things and played in a bowling alley, and  then we had dinner, a  pizza or things like this in a restaurant inside the Shopping centre.

A small group of people, six or seven people, went with their partner to a Scouts picnic, all day. They played funny games with new Italian people.

At night they were tired! Well, some more than others.