Duration of the Project  2013-2015


Nimet Bahri Kutluözen İlköğretim Okulu   (Ankara)   TURKEY

Istituto comprensivo “luigi acquaviva” – Catignano (PE)    ITALY

Sir Robert Pattinson Academy   (Lincoln)   UK

Agrupació Pedagògica Tecnos, SCCRL    (Terrassa) CATALONIA


“A Peaceful Bridge Between the Cultures Through the Olympics”

is a multilateral partnership cross-curricular project that involves four schools. The aim is to enable teachers and students to work together with our partners.

The associated schools are working on a common project called  “Olympeace”. The project will give us the chance to exchange experiences and improve students’ and teachers’ competence not only on the issue of the topic but also in understanding the meaning of values associated with European citizenship.

This project is a unique opportunity for the students involved to meet their peers from the other countries, to know other cultures and to improve their knowledge and use of foreign languages; enhancing motivation to learn.

The results that will arise are: presentations (PPT), e-albums with photos, Mini Olympic competitions in each participating country, an interview with an athlete, short videos of meetings, a common brochure, T-shirts with the project’s logo, a website for the project, a calendar and the organization of rules for the Mini Olympic Competitions.

The teaching methods that will be used are: presentation, individual and group work, online communication between students and teachers, sports-competitions and cultural & social activities.

This project is a unique opportunity for the students involved to meet with their peers from the other countries and to know other cultures. The students will be involved in each part of the project.

The students will research about the Olympics (aims, process, areas of sports etc.) and Olympic philosophy by using ICT technology, study and present the collected information. Additionally, they will research peace, war, friendship, brotherhood, tolerance, patience, empathy, cultural differences and values, individual differences, misperception concepts, the evils of the war and keep the peace and present.