We started the day at 9 o’clock in the morning. In the morning we did a kind of mini olympics and we played diferent games. We were taught how to play rugby. Later we were divided into five groups of mixed nationalities. These ones were divided in two for the first game. Half of the team was playing badminton while the other half was playing benchball to score points. Team 2 was in the first position at the end of the first game.
We had a break before we started playing basketball. We played different matches versus each team to score more points. Finally the winner was team 2 with Lalo and Carlos as the Catalan students in the team.
We went back home to get ready for the party at night.
At six p.m we started arriving at the school and we had dinner in the canteen. We could chose between eating pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, jacked potates and chicken. At 7 p.m we went to the teather where there was the disco. After that, the teachers gave us the certificate and then we continued dancing. We danced and sung all together famous songs like Macarena and Saturday Night. The disco finished at half past nine and everybody went home.

Anna & Mariona