Today we got a real impression of what Ankara is like. The first stop has been a visit to Ataturk’s Mausoleum, where the headmaster of the Turkish school with all the accompaning students and teachers of the Comenius project has done a Wreath-laying ceremony, and has signed in the book of Honour. Then we have visited the museum and learnt about the history of Turkey and their leader. Next we have visited the Mineral Research and Exploration Nature Museum; we have wondered around, taken some pictures and we have had lunch in a typical Turkish restaurant. After lunch we have driven to the Ancient Ankara Region and have visited the Analtolian Civilizations Museum. At around 4 o’clock we have gone to Ankara Castle and done some shopping for souvenirs in the area. Going down the hill we have stopped at a mosque and have seen people praying, while we were leaving it has started to snow, so we rushed to the coach and went back to the families and hotel.