We arrived at Trisulti at 9:45 am. At 9:49 am we entered  the monastery of Trisulti. We waited in a square which had a fountain. At 10:02 am we moved and  entered in a building which was the old pharmacy in groups, first one group and after another group. It was built in 1400/50. It was a pharmacy where there worked three monks and it remains intact.

At 10:19 am we entered  the church, then we went to visit the building and after that we went to the cloister, where the teachers entered to visit some rooms and we had to wait for them there. At 10:53 we left the garden and went to a courtyard where there was the old cemetery. There was a furniture that was used by the monks to communicate among them.

At 11:30 we left the church and then we went to visit Collepardo caves,  but we didn’t enter because we were short of time.

At 12:00 we went to visit the caves but from the top of the mountain, and then we left to Frosinone again.

At 15:15 our host families took us to the meeting point to catch the coach that was going to take us to the airport. When we arrived at the airport we checked in and waited for boarding, we had a great flight and arrived almost on time in Barcelona. There, a coach took us to Terrassa and we met our parents.

Albert, Arnau i Bernat