We got up at 7:00 o’clock, like a normal day. We had breakfast with our family and at 11:00 we went to the FORT IV, in Torun.

In the fields of World War II. In total, there wasn’t a single camp, there were at least 32 all surrounding the perimeter of the city of Toruń and there lived 20,000 people at its peak. A guide showed us all the parts of the fort and we took some photos. It was very interesting. The main camp is in a complex of fifteen forts. The forts were built in the late 19th century to defend the western border of the Kingdom of Prussia. When we finished the guided tour, We did some activities with Maltese, Italian, Polish and Catalan people, like archery, throwing darts, etc.

Once the activity ended, everybody returned to their homes for lunch, I went to have lunch with the whole family, we were talking among ourselves, putting things in common because there are some cultural differences. Apart from that, my partner’s uncle is an important astrophysician, which is a topic that I also like, so we had a nice chat. Once the family had gone; my partner and I started playing with the PS4 until 23:00. Then we went to bed.

In the evening some of us we went to a big shopping center and we spent there 2 hours, watching shops and buying some things. We had a lot of fun. Later we got back to our houses, we had dinner and we went to sleep.

It was a nice day!

 Arnau Castellà & Guillem Tutusaus