Monthly Archives: May 2015

Trisulti and Collepardo Caves

We arrived at Trisulti at 9:45 am. At 9:49 am we entered  the monastery of Trisulti. We waited in a square which had a fountain. At 10:02 am we moved and  entered in a building which was the old pharmacy in groups, first one group and after another group. It was built in 1400/50. It […]

Students’ exhibitions

On Monday morning, firstly we went to school and we had to attend two classes with our partners, we attended different lessons depending on our partner’s. Then every Polish, Maltese, Italian and Catalan group of students prepared the exhibition and presented their workshop explaining an important event of each country or school. We explained St. […]

Family Day

Last 12th of April was a free day and host families could do whatever they wanted with their hosts. In the morning a big number of Catalans went to Rome for shopping in the most famous streets to buy and visited monuments that they couldn’t see with school , for example Piazza di Spagna, the […]

Sightseeing in Rome

The Italian’s, Polish, Maltese and Catalan students and teachers left Frosinone at 8:00am, after about an hour and a half by coach, we arrived at Rome, we parked near the Coliseum, where we started our walking tour. We saw the Coliseum in a certain distance, outside, it was so incredible! Near the Coliseum , there […]

Montecassino, Liri and Casamari

On Friday 10th we visited some different places like Montecassino, Isola Liri, a very beautiful lake with wonderful views and to Casamari. First we took a bus from Frosinone to Montecassino, we spent an hour in the bus approximately. When we arrived we visited the monastery with a guide, it was a very interesting visit, […]

Sightseeing in Frosinone

On the first day in Frosinone we went to the Archeological Museum, where they explained us about the ancient ancestors, their clay tools and we did a workshop using clay. Then we visited a church and we went for lunch at “la Saleta”. Lunch was prepared and served by parents. In the afternoon, we went […]


Today we caught the plane to go to Rome. We arrived well but the plane was delayed due to a strike in France which affected our plane; then we went to Frosinone by coach. The journey took us an hour and a half. We went to the school where our partners were waiting for us. […]