On Friday 10th we visited some different places like Montecassino, Isola Liri, a very beautiful lake with wonderful views and to Casamari.

First we took a bus from Frosinone to Montecassino, we spent an hour in the bus approximately. When we arrived we visited the monastery with a guide, it was a very interesting visit, we enjoyed it a lot. Then we visited the Polish cemetery next to Montecassino, we think that it  is the most beautiful cemetery that we’ve never seen before, it was very big, there were 1081 dead Polish soldiers from the Second World War.

Then we decided to go for lunch in a bar and we ate there our sandwiches. Then we stayed by  a lake with very beautiful views for an  hour and a half approximately and later we went for a walk around the lake.

Then we visited an abbey called Casamari which is  a 13th-century Cistercian monastery.

After one hour we returned to the bus and we arrived in Frosinone at 7 o’clock more less. When we arrived each student went with his family and that was all about this day.

Ona, Anna and Berta.