School Day

Today we started the programme that our Turkish partners have organised for us. We have gone to the school, after being greeted by the Headmaster and offered some Turkish pastries and coffee or tea, we have met the students and the activities have started. They consisted on:

– Turkish National Anthem.

– Opening Speech given by Asyel Demir and the Headmaster of the School.

– Nursery Class Show.

– Mehter (Janissary) band show.

– Traditional folk dance.

– Presentations of partners’ work.

After the morning programme, we have had lunch at the Optimum shopping center and we have gone to the Disctrict National Education Directorate where we have met the Director of Education. After a welcome speech, he has encouraged the students to take part in these projects and to strengthen the bonds between the participating schools. To finish with the activities the students have gone home, because tomorrow we are getting up really early to go on an day trip to the Cappadocia.